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Be one of the first to own a Point3 by reserving yours today... or be sad. Your reservation fee is fully refundable in case your life goes completely sideways and you need that 200 bucks. The first 50 lucky customers to reserve a Yardbike will also get a massive $500 discount which will be deducted from the full purchase price at the time of billing. While pricing is not yet finalized, we're targeting under $8,500 USD. Reservations are limited to one per person, open to North American residents only.

We're charging a reservation fee in order to get a good handle on numbers for planning. It's hard to equate website hits, smiley-faces, and other crap like that with demand. It's like going to the bar and getting all the stares. Maybe you're hot stuff, or maybe you didn't notice that you cut yourself shaving and you're leaving a trail of blood... You don't really know which it is until someone buys you a drink. We like whiskey.