Why is run time 20 minutes?

We prioritized in this order. Power, weight, then run time. The new back yard bike concept means you're only steps from a plug, so run time is the least important of the three. We've actually needed the 20 minute rest between charges because it's pretty intense! Still, we did design the pack to be easily swappable without tools and we plan to offer an additional pack as an option for near constant riding. We chose light weight and insane power for 20 minutes. At over 10x the legal power limit for use on public property and under 60lbs we think we got it right.

Why is it called the Point3?

We designed the product around the average-sized lot in North America, which is about .3 acres, and Point3 was better than the other stupid names we came up with. We like straight-forward. Yardbike says what it does and Point3 says where it fits best.

How and where will the Point3 be distributed?

To begin, only in North America and mostly direct to consumer. Based on feedback and interest we may distribute more widely through retailers however this is a decision that will be made some time after first deliveries. We are also considering other distribution options such as drones and happy meal insertions.

How about getting serviced?

You should get serviced at least once a month. But seriously, if you experience an issue with your Yardbike product contact us directly for troubleshooting and support. We designed everything in the rolling chassis to be very familiar for bike and MX riders, and of course for local bikes shops and mechanics. The electrical systems are also modular so it's easy for us to provide direct and prompt service. A lot of thought has gone into making those rare service issues as painless as possible for everyone.

When will the Point3 begin shipping?

We're targeting the end of 2017 to begin shipments. We are planning the production around initial reservation numbers. The transition from prototype to production can be complex, but we're working overtime (just ask our families) to bring the product to market as soon as possible. Still have questions? Click the contact link in the menu above.