About Us

Eddie, John, and Dave Cole - Founders of Yardbike Inc.

Eddie - CEO*

Home schooled, Eddie is the eldest of the Cole boys. Eddie suffers from a rare condition called Garden Gnomism. He's a little undersized and won't leave the back yard for fear of persecution. To cure his boredom, he forced us to start a company that designs and manufactures killer bikes for back yards. This is Eddie smiling.

Eddie is the CEO and only shareholder.


John - Design Peon

John cut his teeth on BMX, MX, “field cars”, go-carts and an80's John Coleything else that would scare his folks. He was all about extreme sports before  they were called extreme sports. Thanks to Radical Rick he's got plenty 'o' scars and a few screws in his ankle from trying to jump across a river on his Redline BMX in 1985.

In the medical field, John developed complex products that have been considered the gold standard for the past 20 years. Through these experiences he sharpened his skills in CAD, CNC, 3D printing, and many other fabrication and manufacturing methods.

John does Eddie’s evil bidding for all things product design related... and yes those are sweet mags on the Redline.


Dave - Business Peon

Much younger than John, Dave received his education and has gaine80s Dave Coled work experience in business administration with a focus on marketing and sales activities over the past fifteen years. Not as crazy as John, Dave was usually the one being jumped over or, when the math was wrong… landed on.

Dave does what he’s told with respect to business related activities. Dave is rocking the chromed-out Predator and digital watch.



 *Yeah - there's no such thing as Garden Gnomism. Eddie is fictional and therefore we've  limited him to posting on our social media accounts. Any resemblance to anyone you know is hilarious but completely unintentional. The rest is mostly accurate.