A new bike for a new place to ride

A new bike for a new place to ride

Riding restrictions increase yearly, especially in cities and towns. The first of its kind, the Yardbike Point3 unlocks the potential of the one place you can access 24/7… your back yard. If you're stoked about extreme riding but struggle to find the time and place to rip, Yardbike is the answer.


  • Freedom to ride

    Your back yard is the only place where you have 24/7 access — use it to ride! Since it's quiet you can bike whenever you want, work on your skills when you only have a few minutes. No trailers, no driving miles to the track, no getting shot at... and only steps from your beer fridge.

  • Bike feel with moto power

    Barspins, whips, technical riding... the world is your oyster. Unless you're allergic to oysters. In that case, the world is your bacon. If you don't like bacon, please leave.

  • Gobs of instant power

    Borrow some your grandpa's diapers. Probably more torque than your car and yet under 60lbs. For you nerds, that's 150 ft/lbs of torque. This beast/motor comes courtesy of a military supplier. It's brothers and sisters are found in US tanks, missiles, and jets... delicious.

  • Constant riding

    Charge time is equal to ride time (around 20 minutes) if you're a bit chubby like me, you'll need downtime to stop wheezing anyway. If you are a skinny bastard, pick up the optional extra pack and just keep riding... skinny bastard.

  • Built here

    Designed AND assembled in North America. That's not normal, but damn it feels good. (that's what she said)

  • Tuned for small spaces

    The Point3 was designed for the average North American lot size... about .3 acres. If you have an open area of about 2500 square feet or so... then giddy-up!

  • Yardbike Point3 Angle1
  • Yardbike Point3 jump1
  • Yardbike Point 3 jump 2
  • Yardbike Point3 jump 3
  • Yardbike Point3 three quarter

Yardbike Point3 Reservation


Not reserving due to commitment issues?

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Be one of the first to own a Point3 by reserving yours today... or be sad. Your reservation fee is fully refundable in case your life goes completely sideways and you need that 200 bucks. The first 50 lucky customers to reserve a Yardbike will also get a massive $500 discount which will be deducted from the full purchase price at the time of billing. While pricing is not yet finalized, we're targeting under $8,500 USD. Reservations are limited to one per person, open to North American residents only.

We're charging a reservation fee in order to get a good handle on numbers for planning. It's hard to equate website hits, smiley-faces, and other crap like that with demand. It's like going to the bar and getting all the stares. Maybe you're hot stuff, or maybe you didn't notice that you cut yourself shaving and you're leaving a trail of blood... You don't really know which it is until someone buys you a drink. We like whiskey.